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Great product marketing requires solid strategic decisions.  It takes special skills and time to get there.  Straw Dogs has made this journey successfully.  Let us help you.


Whether you are looking at new markets for your existing products and services or considering new offerings for your existing markets, you need to do the legwork:

  • Market Profiles and Sizing

  • Market Requirements (MRD)

  • Product Requirements

  • Go-to-Market Strategy

Short on time and/or staff?  These are the kinds of projects we can take off your plate--done right.​

Market Analysis


Perhaps the most important thing you can do is to be able to understand and articulate your advantages (and, yes, vulnerabilities) against your competitors.

  • Start with a competitive matrix:  Corporate, Product Features, Service Features, Marketing and Sales Strategies

  • Summarize analysis into a Strengths-Weaknesses-Opportunities-Threat 4x4

  • Communicate your competitive strategy in Battle Cards for Sales--but share them with Development as well

Tug of War


Every new product and product release should be packaged and priced to be both competitive and profitable.  Our methodology is straightforward--but takes experience to pull off.

  1. Create a chart that plots price points of typical sales packages, with a legend for key features

  2. Next to each price point, put the margin at that level

  3. Plot similar competitive offerings against your price points

Three easy steps, right?  But gathering accurate information to do the steps takes time and experience.  And creating the picture is just the beginning.  The next part is deciding how you want that picture to change and convincing the different stakeholders to agree (Sales, Finance, Customer Service, Management).​

We have both the experience and skills to offload the considerable work involved so you can focus on making decisions on what your strategy should be.

Wrapped Package
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