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Whether you are planning assets for a campaign targeting a new market or launching a new version of your products, your assets will be more compelling if you are clear about the basics:​

  • What the qualified prospect looks like

  • The pain you can alleviate

  • The ultimate elevator pitch for your solution

  • Clear features and benefits that map to the pain

  • Your competitive advantage​

Every asset you create should be consistent with this platform so you never lose sight of your marketing strategy.

Assets that further the buyer's journey


Bright Idea Bulb


How do you make your target market aware that something in the way they do business can, and should, change--beyond blogs and opinion pieces?

Business-oriented white papers help readers recognize the benefit in eliminating the kinds of problems your business solves, leaving them receptive to considering your solution.

eBooks can take a less analytical, more visual approach to telling the same story, with supporting "factoids" and quotes called out to substantiate them.

Paint Swatches


You've created awareness that the right solution can bring customers' substantial benefit.  How do you ensure they consider yours first?

Solution Briefs articulate the problems you solve, present your unique approach as the logical best choice and describe the benefits that result.

Data Sheets and Case Studies further showcase the features of your solution and benefits customers have realized in the real world.

Need to Buy Now


At this final stage of the buyer's journey, it's time to help the customer make the right decision.  

Buyer's Checklists help frame the decision in terms that showcase your advantages. Competitive Comparisons lay the evidence before the customer, saving them the legwork.

ROI Calculators and Workbooks help quantify the benefits your solutions deliver--whether self-service or sales enabled.

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